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Working At Heights

Working At Heights

Did you know...

Keeping driver’s safe whilst loading vehicles has become a large concern to many transport companies. We have designed a full range of products to keep your driver’s feet on the ground at all times when loading. ‘Boots on the Ground’

Firstly, our innovative ProPoles. Sturdy extendable aluminium pole with your chosen ProPole head to ensure you can work effectively to lift, guide and secure straps at height, ensuring your drivers never have to leave the ground to climb.

Each attachment has been careful designed to work seamlessly with our ProPoles and cargo protection, lifting and securing products to guarantee the safety of your people and your cargo.

We really do have a solution to suit you, whatever your need! We have made a number of specialist head attachments to suit customers bespoke needs so feel free to get in touch if you have a specific requirement!

Secondly, our RatStrap Pro handling tool has been designed to lift and navigate a CargoStrap safely over a load, while the operator stays safely on the ground!

The tool has the ability to operate where there is only a 80mm gap between the top of a pallet and the ceiling. Tough and lightweight, the RatStrap can be reduced in length to 1.4m sections making it possible to carry in the truck.

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