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Cargo comes in all different shapes and sizes, meaning your lifting solution needs to be strong, reliable and guaranteed, every time. Our wide range of lifting slings are developed to work anywhere, with anything.

At the heart of every reliable lifting system are our high grade, polyester lifting slings, duplex slings are rated to BS EN 1492-1:2000+A1:2008 and round slings rated to EN 1492 Part 2:2000. Every one of our slings has a 7:1 Safety Ratio with a reinforced Beckett Loop at each end and is designed to be used within an operating temperature of -40˚C to 100˚C.

Each sling carries a unique identification number which is registered on the accompanying A4 paper certificate. The Blue label holds the following information:

  1. EN Rating
  2. Serial No. and Traceability code
  3. CE Mark
  4. Date of Manufacture
  5. WLL of sling
  6. Type of Sling
  7. Length of Sling
  8. Angle of use of any leg to the vertical.

It is important our slings are kept in good order. Before each use, make sure there is no sign of any chaffing or distortion. It is also critical that the slings do not come into contact with any substances that could be harmful to them. Do not use a sling which does not have a complete and fully legible data label. If in any doubt about the condition or previous history of a sling we strongly advise that you remove it from service and replace.

Can be produced to almost any length and strength. Please get in touch if you are struggling to find your exact requirement online.

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